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 Hey my name is R. Hollins and I just want to thank the Bingham Foundation for all that they did for my boys on Christmas day... I wasn't able to get my boys alot of things or the most expensive toys like so many other could but being the grateful kids that they are they were very happy with what they did get from me and even more excited about the toys and clothes that the foundation bought. I just want to thank the foundation again for the toys and uniforms that they bought for my boys. I really appreciate it and I'm so so so thankful for you guys.   - R. Hollins

"My family and I are forever grateful for the Bingham Foundation. My family and I have been going through many trials this year and there was NO way my 3 children were going to have a successful Christmas, but after my niece saw a post on FB that they were looking to help a family in need she reached out to them as she knew my current situation. In the end my children were chosen and the Bingham Foundation went above and beyond for my daughters. I couldn't and still can't begin to get you all to understand just how grateful I am for all that you've done to make my kids' Christmas special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - K. Williams